Explore caves near Garden Ridge real estate.Take a trip underground and find stunning natural caves underneath Garden Ridge real estate. Several tours are available for Garden Ridge home owners to explore Natural Bridge Caverns. The original Discovery Tour is about 75 minutes long, taking participants 180 feet underground to see the incredible cave formations. The Hidden Passages Tour takes guests to the most delicate and fantastical of the formations. Purchase a combo ticket to go on both tours at a discounted rate. Tour guides are very experienced and will be narrating the process of stalactite and stalagmite formation and will be happy to answer questions.

Garden Ridge real estate owners who want a more intense experience should check out the Adventure Tours. Be ready to crawl, climb, rappel, and hike on this tour, lighted only by your helmet lamp. These physically demanding tours will open up the caverns in a totally unique way.

Fun for Everyone in Your Garden Ridge Home

There are several other ways to enjoy the area around Natural Bridge Caverns. Pan for gold and gems at the Discovery Village Mining Company. Test your daring at the Canopy Zipline and Explorer Course. There’s also a course designed for younger children.

Visit Natural Bridge Caverns to get more information about all the tours and things to do. This is a great way to get to know the natural environment around Garden Ridge, and the company has activities for all ages and fitness levels.